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Dave Cooper, Co-Host, Regular Contributor, Moderator

Dave Cooper and a Dalek

Dave Cooper, better known online as daveac, dac100, dac or cooperda has been a long time contributor to both Doctor Who: Podshock and the Gallifreyan Embassy website. Eventually Dave became a regular guest host on Doctor Who: Podshock and is often responsible for the editing together the sound clip montages we use on our live over-the-net Doctor Who: Podshock shows reviewing new Doctor Who episodes/specials.

He is a retired widower with two grown up children. He has a popular vblog covering Doctor Who, sci-fi, tech, classical music & wine - it's on the blip tv site: He is a co-host of The Cultdom Colective Podcast with Ian Bisset @the6thDoctor and takes part in Doctor Who: Podshock LIVE and The New Wine Consumer podcast - all of which are hosted on TalkShoe and available on iTunes. A regular contributor to The Gallifreyan Embassy Forums, Sci-Fi Doctor Who forum, DWO forum as well as a number of others. He also hosts a new TalkShoe Call for members of Tiscali Forums (UK ISP) to have a weekly chat - TFM: Tiscali Forum Members.

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