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Rappin' with Roddenberry

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 15 May 2009

Please give a listen to my friend and fellow podcaster, Allison Sheridan's NosillaCast podcast when she sits down with none other than Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry (or just Rod) in the latest episode of her "technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias!"

For the one or two people reading this who may not know who Rod is, he is the son the legendary Star Trek creator, producer and visionary, Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett (the First Lady of Star Trek having been connected with the series since it's very first pilot made in 1964 to the latest reboot 2009 film).

Allison can be heard regularly on the popular aforementioned NosillaCast weekly podcast and is a regular on The Mac Roundtable podcast as well was invited with fellow Mac podcasters including Don McAllister to Catalina (a small island off the coast of California) for a special screening of the new Star Trek movie last weekend.

Rod and Allison sit down and talk about technology, Macs, and the spirit of Star Trek, as well as Rod's passion for underwater diving (and the soon to be launched, the Roddenberry Dive Team).

I only wish I was there in Catalina with Allison, Rod, Don, and the everyone for this event. Last year, Rod agreed to be on an upcoming new podcast which was to be launched by Art Trap Productions earlier this year. Just when I was about to make the arrangements to schedule some time for Rod to come on to do the show is when the unfortunate news of Rod's mother Majel passing broke. Obviously, it was decided to shelve the project for a later time. Perhaps that later time is now. Please give a listen to this episode of the NosillaCast (if you are a tech geek, why not also subscribe) and perhaps we can have Rod on a new podcast to continue the conversation where Allison left off here.

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