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The Gallifreyan Embassy Regenerates into 3.0

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 02 June 2009

Preview the new Gallifreyan Embassy website 3.0 today! June marks the 24th anniversary of the Gallifreyan Embassy. As it heads into its 25th year, it will do it with a new website. Although much content from this existing site migrated on to it now, it is a completely new site from the ground up. Ambassadors will have to re-register on the new site. Existing accounts will need to be recreated.

The new site has been in development over the last month, and while we are opening it up to preview and use now, please note that the new site is still being worked on and being built. Certain features we hope to have soon are still not there yet.

As with any change, there are going to be some pros and cons. It is using a completely different CMS (content management system) and thus there will be some differences from what we are used to with the existing site in use now. Not every current function/feature will carry over, but it offers many other options not available now including some of the behind the scenes functionality that we will be of great benefit.

Today marks the beginning of the transition period to the new site. The domains and remain the same. If you have been landing on the site bypassing the front splash page, you will eventually want to update your bookmarks, otherwise no need to make any changes.

In 2005, as part of the 20th anniversary of the Gallifreyan Embassyat that time, we updated the website to the interactive site it is today (our 2.0 site). We had no idea at the time it would be as successful and popular as it turned out to be, and we owe that all to the visitors that use the site. The four years of content that visitors (Ambassadors) provided there is not going away. This site will continue and will serve as an archive of the last four years. On June 18th, we will close new registrations on existing site as all new registrations will at that time go through the new site.

The new site is a cleaner looking site which we hope will be easier to use and as well to maintain. As mentioned earlier, there will be some differences and it will offer new features, but you may also notice some familiar features absent at this time. Some of the absent features such as "Web Resources" on the previous site, we hope to add to the new site in some manner in the near future. In the meantime, all the resources, content, etc. on the current site will continue to operate and function.

Without further ado, here is the Gallifreyan Embassy website 3.0

Feel free to register and start using the new site.

Some items of note:
The forums are laid out a bit differently than what you may be used to with most forums. We may be able to make it look more like a traditional forum in the future. Everything you see on the new site now, may not stay. Some of the content is directly taken from existing site, but will most likely be revised for the new site in time. The new site is a 'fixed width' website unlike the current site (i.e. it will not expand to fill your browser if you use your browser in a full screen mode). This could change in the future. The new site has not been tested on every browser on every platform as of yet. Please report any problems or difficulties you may encounter.

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