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Doctor Who: Podshock Returns for a Live Recording on Stage at Gallifrey 21

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 27 January 2010

Doctor Who: Podshock Live on Stage at Gallifrey 21

Doctor Who Podshock Live at Gallifrey 20The Sunday tradition continues at Gallifrey 21 this year when once again Doctor Who: Podshock takes the stage for a live recording of our show! Now at a new time, 1pm PST on Sunday the 28th of February at Gallifrey 21 (February 26-28, 2010). 

Doctor Who Podshock Live at Gallifrey 20The live show will be bigger than ever before with special guests including Georgia Moffett, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Louise Page, John Fay, and more! Plus like last year, we will have a surprise or two, yes special surprise guests (outside of the convention guests)!

Doctor Who Podshock Live at Gallifrey 20Make your plans now to attend our live show on stage once again at Gallifrey One - Blackjack 21 (at LAX Airport Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA, Earth, Sol, Mutter's Spiral). If don't have your registration for the convention yet, what are you waiting for? Online registration is open at

Note: As with any convention or event of this nature, all guests are subject to change due to professional commitments.

Doctor Who Podshock Live at Gallifrey 20Once again, all three Doctor Who: Podshock hosts; Ken Deep, James Naughton, and Louis Trapani will be on the same stage together for this live recording.

Doctor Who: Podshock will also be holding a "Meet and Greet" on the Thursday evening before the convention begins at the same hotel in the lobby area on Thursday, February 25th at 10pm. The Meet and Greet is an opportunity to come by meet those involved with Doctor Who: Podshock including the three hosts and several of our correspondents and regular contributors to the show attending Gallifrey 21.

More updates will be forthcoming as the date approaches. We will see you all at Gallifrey 21!

In the meantime, listen to our live show from last year at Gallifrey 20: Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 141

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