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Gallifrey 21 AudioBoos

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 09 March 2010

For those that follow me on Twitter, may know that I sometimes use AudioBoo to record short audio reports while on the road. It is usually while attending a conference or convention or some other event, though not limited to such. (If you want to know more about AudioBoo, back in 2008, I posted this blog about AudioBoo: Boo! AudioBoo! Mini Mobile Podcasting!)

This year's Gallifrey One convention (Gallifrey Blackjack 21) was no exception.

The following are some AudioBoos I recorded at the premier North American Doctor Who convention in which Doctor Who: Podshock was appearing (all of these have already been placed on the main podcast feeds for Doctor Who: Podshock):

The first was prior to Doctor Who: Podshock's Meet and Greet recorded on Thursday, 25th of February at 8:48pm PST 2010…

Lobby Boo!

Doctor Who: Podshock's Meet and Greet


The second was at the end of the first official day of Gallifrey 21 at 12:43am PST on Saturday, 27th of February 2010…

End of Day One


It was followed by a report of Day Two at Gallifrey 21 recorded at 2:12am PST on Sunday, 28th of Feburary 2010…

Day Two of Gallifrey 21


The AudioBoo at the end of day three at Gallifrey 21 had Eric Escamilla @Bullitt33 (of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse and co-host on The Sci-Fi Party Line) joining in on it. He gives his first impression of Gallifrey being that this was his first time attending. It was recorded at 10:26pm PST on Sunday, 28th of February 2010…

Gallifrey 21 First Impression with Eric

Eric Escamilla


Last but not least, was the final AudioBoo recorded while relaxing in LA the day after Gallifrey 21 in which Ken Deep and James Naughton joined in on it. It was recorded at 2:55pm PST on the 1st of March, 2010…

Relaxing in LA, Post Gallifrey 21


AudioBoos are a great way to share short audio reports/podcasts (under 5 minutes), quickly and easily. As long as you have some sort of internet connection of course. I ran into some trouble with the 3G at the hotel using the iPhone to upload these, but they eventually finally got out on the net while there attending Gallifrey 21.

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