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The Cult of Cultdom

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 31 March 2010

Cultdom Collective PodcastLast week I had the privilege of being on and joining my fellow co-host James Naughton on the Cultdom Collective podcast. The episode is a Gallifrey One preview show. Yes, the Doctor Who convention is a year away now at this point, my friends at Cultdom are getting a head start for those planning on attending next February in Los Angeles, CA.

Originally all I had done was record a short comment that was to be played on the show with James. Then the scheduling gods were shinning upon us, because they were recording at a time when I was able to join in on the fun, unbeknownst to James. They were playing my pre-recorded clip I made about meeting James in person for the first time at Gallifrey 20 when suddenly I was on the show myself.

The rest of the show was James and I along with hosts Dave "AC" Cooper and Ian Bisset talking about the annual premier north America Doctor Who event taking place in Los Angeles. It's "Cultdom's Road to Gally" episode.

This is a special studio recording of the podcast, unlike their call in live shows on Talkshoe (ID 54821). To my understanding, the studio shows are now a regular feature along side the live shows. Sort of how the live shows are a regular staple along side of Doctor Who: Podshock studio shows.

For those unfamiliar with show, it covers all science fiction and fantasy genres, each show focusing on a different topic with Dave and Ian as host. The live shows brings in others into the conversation via Talkshoe.

If you plan on flying overseas or domestically to Gallifrey 22 next year, or even if you are simply driving yourself there (be it by car or TARDIS), check out this episode of The Cultdom Collective Podcast.

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