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The Witching Hour Approaches - 'Witchville' Premieres May 22nd

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 01 May 2010

Friend and colleague, Amy Krell ( @AmyKrell ), is one of the producers of an upcoming original movie for Syfy (formerly The Sci-Fi Channel) titled, Witchville. It is slated to premiere on the channel on Saturday evening, the 22nd of May 2010 (9/8c).

Louis Trapani and Sarah Douglas

She along with cast and crew, including Sarah Douglas spent much of their time shooting the project on location in China. Although I along with the rest of the Doctor Who: Podshock crew missed Amy while she was away, the final product shows what a difference the location shooting made for the movie.

I had the pleasure of being included on a private screening of the movie a few months back in Los Angeles. It is a good cast and a good production. I don't want to say too much about it in so not spoil it in anyway, but a sneak preview video below gives a little taste of it. It is directed by Pearry Teo ( @pearryteo ) and also stars Luke Goss ( @LukeGossForum ).

Below is a reposting from the Gallifreyan Embassy / Doctor Who: Podshock website:

'Witchville' Premieres May 22nd - See a Sneak Preview Now (video) -

If you listened to Doctor Who: Podshock 189 when we interviewed Sarah Douglas, you will know of our very own DWP Correspondent Amy Krell's project 'Witchville' coming to the "Syfy" channel which stars Sarah. We can now present you with a sneak preview of the movie making its debut on Saturday, the 22nd of May 2010 (9/8c).

Be sure to catch it next month (May 22, 2010 9/8c). 

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[Gallifreyan Embassy]

I have been tortured by this looong wait for Witchville! I am sooo looking forward to it. Luke Goss is perfection and I cant WAIT to see Sarah Douglas as the Red Queen!! She looks positively fabulous! Three more weeks!

Whoo hoo - can't wait!!

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