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The GetGlue iPhone App Gets a Make Over and More

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 29 March 2011


The GetGlue app (from AdaptiveBlue) for iPhone and iPod touch has been updated and with it, it has a newly enhanced user interface and more. (See my previous article, Get Glued on GetGlue for more details on GetGlue). In addition to the user interface refresh, which is a quite welcomed refresh, it also now allows you to check into "sports" in addition to the previous categories already available such as television, movies, books, music, wine, etc. Also it now offers Foursquare location check-in integration as well (unfortunately, Gowalla is not also offered as an option as well).

I couldn't care less about the sports addition, I won't be using it all, but I am sure there are sports fans out there that will. I do like the enhancements made to the user interface. They are more pleasing to the eye and adds some commonly used UI functionality such as drag-down to refresh (i.e. in the Stream tab). I am not sure how much location check-ins will play into it now with Foursquare (which by the way I have recently succumbed to though I still prefer Gowalla to it (no silly "mayorships" in the latter)). Most of the media I consume that I check into with GetGlue is being consumed at home. Though I suppose now with sports, you can check into sporting events outside of your home and I guess that is where location check-ins could be useful. That or perhaps a movie theater where you are watching a particular film you are checking into with the app. Or perhaps you are reading a book in a park somewhere which you want to share. Who knows, but at least you can use it if you desire.

Currently, just the iPhone/iPad touch version of the iOS app has been updated. We can only assume that the same features will be coming soon to the iPad version of the app as well.

Both apps are available for free in the Apple (iTunes) App Store.

GetGlue - AdaptiveBlue

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