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Camera+ App for the iOS is Updated with Clarity

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 29 March 2011


The popular 3rd party camera app for the iOS, Camera+ by tap tap tap (App Store link) has been updated. Among some of the updated enhancements is a new feature called, 'Clarity.' While it seems like it is being trumped as a one button fix-all for all your bad photos, I would not be so quick to use it blindly. Like with any other post-processing feature for your images, you will want to compare the results you get from using it first. It is possible that while it may add 'clarity' to a photo, it may also affect the contrast and shadow elements as well.

Camera+ has a great user interface and does offer many useful features, but it is by no means your "one app to rule them all" when it comes to post processing of your images. What I don't understand is why it does not allow you to apply more than one effect per image when editing. For example, if you apply the depth of field effect, you cannot then apply another effect such a sepia or 'So Emo' or whatnot. Sure you can get around this by saving and re-editing your image. It just seems like you should be able to do it without having to use a work-around.

So while I think you need to take heed with some skepticism on the developer's claim that Clarity will "help turn all your shots into perfect photos," I will say that it is another tool that may help you get what you want from a particular photo, but by no means is it or should it be used as a magic button for all your photos.

This is not to say it is a bad app. It's not. I use it quite frequently myself among many other photography apps on the iOS. It is only 99 cents currently in the App Store, well worth checking out and adding it to your virtual camera bag on your iOS device if you haven't already.

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