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The Doctor Who: Podshock Public Call Box Has a New Number for Feedback to the Show

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 07 April 2011

Podshock Public Call Box NumberAs of today, there is a new phone number for the Doctor Who: Podshock Public Call Box. You can call any time, night or day, and leave a voice feedback message for possible inclusion on Doctor Who: Podshock. Simply call the new number at 206-984-3543 and follow the instructions to leave feedback (it works just like any simple voice mail system.

As always, we don't charge anything for calling this number, but your local phone carrier may depending on your plan. So please be aware that this is a 206 area code in the Washington state area in the US.

The call box is not bigger on the inside, so please limit your messages to a minute or two.

If you are listening to older episodes of Doctor Who: Podshock, please ignore the previous phone number we gave out for the Podshock Public Call Box as we will NOT get any new messages sent to the previous number.

By leaving a message on the Podshock Public Call Box, you are granting consent for that message to be possibly played back in our show.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Whether we get to them on the show or not, we listen to them all.

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