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King Camera Updated, Now Supports 1:1 Aspect Ratio Square Cropping

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 30 June 2011

The Javits Center in #NYC (from last week at #BWENY. Clearing out my iPhone camera roll).

The King Camera (App Store link) for iOS had an update appear in the Apple App Store on Wednesday, June 29th which finally includes the 1:1 aspect ratio cropping pre-set. It boggles the mind that it was released in the first place without it considering that there are now over 5 million Instagram users, all of which are iOS users (at this time) and all of which are using 1:1 aspect ratio that the app supports. It's an audience that any photo app shouldn't ignore. Many Instagram users are looking to 3rd party photo editing apps to complement what they can do with the Instagram app.

Now with the much needed 1:1 aspect ratio cropping pre-set included in King Camera, I can now recommend it to Instagram users. No longer does one need to eye-ball it to get the 1:1 aspect ratio square crop in King Camera as I did with this image here (see top left) which I had post processed with King Camera and posted to Instagram.

King Camera was one of the ten go-to apps for iPhone photography which I included in a recent post (of the same name), Ten Go-To Apps for iPhone Photography. In it, I stated that the developers of this app had planned on including the 1:1 option in a future release. As I noted, they are continuing to release updates to their app, improving it with each.

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