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The Sonic Newsdriver Preview Feed

The Sonic Newsdriver - Selected Doctor Who related news stories delivered sonically has it's own preview feed now. If you would like to subscribe to preview this podcast without subscribing to Doctor Who: Podshock, it now has it's own feed specifically for The Sonic Newsdriver:

The Sonic Newsdriver Preview Feed (RSS podcast feed)

Sonic Newsdriver Episode 4

Episode 4 of the Sonic Newsdriver
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.

For the Earth date of the 16th of October 2008:

The passing of Peter Copley, Dick Mills Free Seminar, Young Sci-Fi Writers, and Happy Birthday Blue Peter.

Hosted by Louis Trapani.

Sonic Newsdriver Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Sonic Newsdriver
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.

Prince Charles has not ruled out his cameo, Whoniversal Appeal, The Brigadier is Summoned, Yada yada yada Named New Doctor.

Hosted by Louis Trapani.

The Sonic Newsdriver - Episode 3 for the 14th of October 2008

(MP3 format, 4.1 MB (running time 8:56))

Sonic Newsdriver Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Sonic Newsdriver - Selected Doctor Who news delivered sonically.

The Seven Doctors?, SFX Multiple Tribute to Doctor Who, Tennant and Tate up for National Television Awards, Prince Charles Snubs DW, Tennant could stay to 2011.

Hosted by Louis Trapani.

The Sonic Newsdriver - Episode 2 for the 13th of October 2008

Sonic Newsdriver Podcast Premieres

We are proud to announce the premiere episode of the Sonic Newsdriver podcast, the first of several new podcasts currently being launched this autumn. What is the Sonic Newsdriver? It is a new podcast which delivers selected Doctor Who related news to you sonically! It fils the gap between Doctor Who: Podshock episodes with news stories that may have otherwise gone unreported on Doctor Who: Podshock. It does not replace the news segment feature of Doctor Who: Podshock though, where the news is discussed, opinions are given, and news announcements that are made which may or may not have been covered on the Sonic Newsdriver podcast.

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