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Apple TV Gets A Make Over

I quickly snapped this screenshot image with my iPhone after updating to the latest Apple TV software (3.0). It sports a completely redesigned top menu interface. I still need to explore more of it for other major changes.

The one thing I do hope is that this upgrade resolves the problems I would sometimes encounter when syncing with iTunes after iTunes 9 came out.

5 Reasons To Go To Blogworld & New Media Expo 2009

TWIT Live at NME '08: Leo Laporte streaming liveTWIT Live at NME '08: Leo Laporte streaming liveNext month is the Blogworld & New Media Expo 2009. October 15 - 17, 2009 is the first expo/confonrence after Blogworld merged with the New Media Expo. It is a trade show for anyone involved with new media. Be it podcasting, blogging, social media, vblogging, etc. there is something for you at the Blogworld & New Media Expo.

I attended last year for the New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas, NV and found it enlightening to be around like-minded individuals working in new media.

Computer Help in Plain English, Plainly Helps Us Too

Worth GodwinLong time Doctor Who: Podshock listener, Worth Godwin offers computer training in plain, easy to understand english for both Apple Mac and MS Windows PC users. Upon learning of our call out for advertisers and sponsors in order to keep Doctor Who: Podshock and the other shows we produce continuing, Worth stepped up and offered us an affiliate sponsorship opportunity with his computer training business.

Testing Uploading Video from the iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GSA couple weeks ago, I wrote about my first initial experience with the iPhone 3GS (My First Week with the iPhone 3GS and 3.0 OS). One of the features which I had not tested at that time was the ability to shoot video and upload it directly from the iPhone 3GS.

Boo! AudioBoo! Mini Mobile Podcasting!

AudioBooAs a podcaster, over the years I have been known to carry various portable digital audio recording devices just to be prepared to record something to possibly include in a podcast. Be it a microphone attachment to the 5th generation iPod, or better yet a H4 or H2 Zoom digital recorder.

My First Week with the Apple iPhone 3GS and 3.0 OS

Apple iPhone 3GSNow with more than a week with the Apple iPhone 3GS and the upgraded 3.0 OS behind me, here are some of my initial thoughts on both.

Two years ago, I was on line at a local Apple store waiting among a crowd of hundreds to get the very first iPhone. It was well worth the wait (even though one could had gone the next day and simply walked in the store and buy one without waiting in line (but it may not had been the 8GB model) -- There is something to be said for waiting in line with like-minded kindred spirits though). At the time, the largest capacity iPhone was only 8GB (the other being the now long discontinued 4GB model). One rule of technology and computers is that it can never be too fast or have enough memory and data storage. Being a somewhat a 'power-user' with the various iPods I had before the iPhone, all pretty much filled to capacity, I knew that the iPhone would be no exception. In fact, I knew I would have to be selective on what I will be able to put on it because it would only have 8GB.

Apple's iPhone 3.0 Software Enables Our Podcast Listeners to Send Audio Feedback

iPhone Voice MemoWith the release of iPhone 3.0 OS/firmware upgrade last week from Apple (free for all iPhone models), it gives listeners of Doctor Who: Podshock, the Sonic Newsdriver, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to British Sci-Fi podcasts yet another way to leave us audio feedback for their favorite shows if you use an iPhone. Included in the upgraded software is the ability to create Voice Memos. 

Rappin' with Roddenberry

Please give a listen to my friend and fellow podcaster, Allison Sheridan's NosillaCast podcast when she sits down with none other than Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry (or just Rod) in the latest episode of her "technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias!"

Hello Computer

Hello Computer

The Apple Macintosh Plus makes Star Trek history when it aided Scotty in creating transperant aluminum in Star Trek: The Voyage Home. (The Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas, NV)

Ear Marked For Recommending

V-Moda Vibe Duo microPhone ear budsI've had several iPods over the years since Apple introduced the device. Since most of my time listening to the iPod is done via external speakers, be it my car Monsoon stereo system, or external speakers at the office, or the JBL Sound Stage speaker system, etc. As it turned out I didn't really use the ear buds all that much. Sure, I did while biking, walking, or doing work around the house... but that was pretty much the extent of it for the most part.

With the iPhone introduction last year, the pattern pretty much stayed the same as far as listening to music and podcasts. But the iPhone added something else to the mix; using the ear buds for phone calls. With the built in microphone and controller on the ear buds, it is far easier and preferable to use the ear buds than having to hold up the phone to my ear. This is especially useful for prolonged phone calls. 

Initial Impression of the Flip Video Mino

In 2005, I bit the bullet with the purchase of our first HD video camera. At the time, there was not much of a selection of HD cameras in the consumer or prosumer market. It cost a pretty penny, but it was needed for a movie we were shooting at the time. Despite the age, it is still relatively new and in working order. I will be tagging it along with me on the JumpCon tour which will begin in just a couple weeks now. So why the need to purchase another video camera? One word: convenience!

That is the main selling point as far as I am concerned with the Flip Video Mino camera by Pure Digital Technologies. Think of it as the iPod Nano (not the new stubby sized one) of video cameras. It's other major strength is simplicity. Pretty much anyone will be able to work this camera, it is no more complicated than a point-and-shoot digital still camera.

Because of the simplicity, don't expect too many features, though it does have some. To my surprise it does offer zoom... Nothing too drastic. It may be purely a digital zoom, but I am not sure at this point (again this is just my initial review).

3G Gee-Whiz

It's here! Apple has now officially announced the new updated iPhone yesterday at Apple's WWDC. This came to no surprise to anyone that keeps on up tech. AT&T practically beat Apple to the punch with their memos concerning their staff vacation scheduling. It was obvious that something new and exciting was coming by restricting vacation time for their staff. The new phone, named the iPhone 3G because it uses the 3G data network which is a speed improvement over the Edge network that the original iPhone uses for data when outside of a Wi-Fi network.

About Us

Established in 1994 by Louis Trapani, Art Trap Productions has been on the forefront of incorporating art, design, and media with emerging technologies. Encompassing traditional artwork and media with current cutting edge technologies to create everything from web design to independent movies, photography, and now new media such as audio and video podcasting.

Updating the ATP Website: New Hub

At long last, the update to the Art Trap Productions website is underway. This is something I have been meaning to do for quite a few years now. The last time I attempted it was back in 2005. At that time I was using the Dreamweaver suite of software to do it as I had been for... well for many years. Probably since Dreamweaver was up to version 2. Yep, that long ago.

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